domenica 4 giugno 2017

Trump Withdraws the USA from the Paris Agreement on Climate Change

This is a terrible - or better a horrible - decision.

Horrible for the consequences that it will have for the US and its citizens - not for the the Planet and for all the Humanity.

The decarbonization of the world economy is in full deployment, and a negative decision even from the most powerful country in the world cannot stop or even slow it down. 
This decision will damage only the US.

There are many reasons that will make this major mistake bad for US citizens, but nearly immaterial for the planet:

  1. The US will probably slow down in the process of migration to clean energy so that pollution, health issues and related costs will increase in several parts of the US.
  2. The US will lose momentum in clean energy technologies and green jobs creation to the advantage of competing economies.
  3. The decision of the President is not largely shared even in his Administration and will not be followed by many major corporations- like Google, Microsoft, Amazon, GM, Ford....- that are committed to the Green economy. In the same way will act several States - like California and New York- that are also committed to the Green economy.
  4. Many other major countries will not slow down their commitment, as already declared by Germany, France, Italy and China.
  5. Probably this decision will increase the resolve of Europe and countries like China and India to speed up their actions to compensate for the reduced effort of the US.
  6. Clean technologies are already very advanced and in many cases already competitive with fossil fuels, even without incentives.
  7. The huge progress in the batteries of different nature are making the Clean Energy generation with storage more affordable every year.
  8. The electric car is becoming every year more affordable and increasing its autonomy.
  9. The "driverless" car will further cut in some 5 years the cars on the road.
  10. Sooner or later, groups of citizens will start Class Actions against the polluters, forcing institutions to put severe limits on the use of fossil fuels. For example, a "Carbon Tax " is likely to be issued by several countries in the next several years. This will happen also in the US, killing forever fossil fuels--- and leaving the US more polluted and less competitive.
Hopefully, Mr Trump will think back on his decision in the interest of US and its Citizens:
"America First" is much easier to achieve keeping the leadership on the Green Economy, not vice versa.